Ethan’s Law

Director: Edward Rhodes

Ethan’s Law is a documentary film that tells the story of Ethan Saylor – a Maryland man who had Down syndrome and was killed by 3 off duty deputies.

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Learning to Drive

Writer/Director: Roderick Stevens

Starring: Connor Long

Inspired by the true story of a spirited young man with Down syndrome determined to convince his caring but distracted brother to teach him how to drive.

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Spring Break Zombie Massacre

Written by & Starring: Sam Suchmann & Matthew Zufelt

Director: Robert Carnevale

On a mission to save spring break, two badass bionic bros must fight and (more importantly) party their way through the zombie apocalypse. And hopefully defeat satan, who killed both of their moms.

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Kelly’s Hollywood

Director by: Brian Donovan

Honest and raw, Kelly’s Hollywood tells the intimate story of a brother’s quest to fulfill his disabled sister’s dream of becoming a Hollywood diva, but takes an unexpected turn when it starts to threaten his engagement.

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“Dakota’s Pride 2.0”

Producer: Girard Sagmiller

In the follow-up to the award winning PBS documentary “Dakota’s Pride,” producer and father Girard Sagmiller revisits those he talked to in his quest for the truth about Down syndrome ten years later in “Dakota’s Pride 2.0”


Black Day: The Monster Rock Band

Author: Marcus Sikora

Animation:  Noah Witchel

Brad is a paper boy who wants to be a rock star, so when he discovers the band Black Day playing in old Professor Hammer’s garage, he really wants to join. The band’s monsters have a different idea and send him away, “No humans!” Brad sets out to change their minds, but the monsters have bigger problems than finding a bass player.

Halloween will never be the same again.

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Raising The Bar

Raising the Bar


Director: Onir Onir (Australia, India)

Writer:    Zain Khan Durrani

With India providing a spectacular backdrop, the documentary follows the lives of young people with Down syndrome: as participants from India and Australia meet at the World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai, India.  Celebrating the beauty and similarities of two vastly different continents through the personal stories of families living with Down syndrome; this authentic documentary is moving, inspiring and challenging, a memorable documentary that embraces what it is to be human.




Director:   Kirsty Griffin / Viv Kernick                    Key Cast: Celeste Osterman

Producer: Bella Pacific Media (New Zealand)

As the social butterfly of Amy Street, the fun-loving, theatrical Celeste spends her days surrounded by friends and flatmates. On the occasions where she needs some alone time, she enjoys setting  herself up in her   beautiful room, and watching back episodes of her favourite soap operas.

At times the lines between reality and fantasy can become a little blurred.



“The Sea Reminds Me”
Director:   Ray Jacobs / Jonathan Tritton                                       Key Cast: Mervyn Bradley / Colin Mclean

Writers:    Ray Jacobs / Mervyn Bradley / Jonathan Tritton     Producer:  Ray Jacobs  (United Kingdom)

Mark is numbed by the loss of his father; the blank pages of a photo album stir his memories.
‘The Sea Reminds Me’ is about Mark, a learning disabled man who cannot come to terms with his father’s death. He is truly all at sea. Mark’s yearning for real touch and connection urge him to a Welsh seaside town, a place haunted with childhood memories. Mark’s adventure travels through landscape, imagination and memory. The film takes us to a place where both the real and imagined worlds live side by side and reminds us that sometimes we have to travel through both to move through a crisis.

“About Arif”

About Arif


Director / Writer / Producer:   Hasan Kalender  (Turkey)

Key Cast: Deniz Ozkan 

Arif lives with his mother. Arif helps his mother with chores. He tidies up, washes the dishes, and takes his mother for a walk. Shopkeepers in the neighbourhood is provide Arif with supplies saying “Your mother pays at the beginning of the month.” But the truth known by the neighbourhood is different. At times the lines  between reality and fantasy can become a little blurred.


“What We Do”

What We Do

Directors:   Maëlia Lenoir / Linda Fernandes / Maja Šubarić / Katsiaryna Drobysh (Slovenia)

Producer: Tom Gomizel

Key Cast: Blaž Kužnik 

Blaž has the down syndrome. During the week he works at the restaurant Second violin (Druga violina) in Ljubljana.

Film was made during the international documentary film workshop organized by Luksuz produkcija in  Ljubljana, Slovenia.

“The Secret of Liam”

Secret of Liam


Writer / Director:   Lori Murphy Saux

Key Cast: Liam Saux

Everyone always told Sophia that she could do or  be anything, but they never said that about her brother,  Liam. Sophia takes us on a quest to discover the secret of Liam, unveiling her brother’s infinite potential while most only see his limitations.


“Superfire: Changing the Face of Disability”

“Superfire: Changing the Face of Disability”


Writer/ Director /Producer:   Marley Abdull   (Canada)

Key Cast: Taylor Arbeau

A group of people put aside their own personal struggles to come together, pursue their love of music, and discover it’s healing power.



“The Flower”

The Flower


Writers:    Mike McNally / Aaron & Molly Zavitz

Director: Mike McNally

Just days before his wedding anniversary, it seems that it may take a miracle to find the perfect present for his wife.